About Us

Smart Generation Academy is a childcare facility comprised of individuals who focus on the propagation of knowledge and stimulating the educational wonder of children. We believe that the most important years of development in children is through ages 1-5. Our company was cultivated from a love of interacting and working with kids, and we love watching them excel as they learn new things through fun educational exercises and activities.

Our team takes pride in being a part of molding the individuals these children will become, experiencing the transformation as they continue to learn and grow. We work on developing relationships with your children and strive to be involved in a community of youth. Through maintaining continued relationships with children, we are able to view their progress throughout middle-school into young-adulthood. This includes further positive intervention through afterschool care programs that we offer.

Providing More than Childcare

Childcare from Smart Generation Academy is more than just watching your little ones when you cannot. We strive to give your children the solid educational foundation they deserve, and set them off on the right foot.

Loving, educating, and entertaining
Observing and documenting progress
Instilling academic skills
Cultivating excellence

Our core values

Learning-Fun Learning & Fun
Ensuring that your children are loved, as well as engaged and excited about learning through fun, stimulating educational activities.
Healthy-Meals Healthy Meals
Impacting your child’s growth as well as increasing their cognitive development and ability to learn through healthy nutrition.
Child-Growth Child Growth
Exploring experiences, activities, and environments that encourage the bustling wonderment and curiosity of your children.
Charming-Environment Charming Environment
Safe, nurturing learning environment helping to cultivate and develop relationships with other children while learning.
teaching hours
meals per year
morning sessions
full daycare
full daycare

Committed to the Educational Success of your Child.