Learning at an Early Age We provide children with positive, reinforced learning experience in a safe environment, striving to develop a bond between staff, parents, and most of all, the kids. View Programs The Best for your Child Smart Generation Academy is purposefully constructed to provide an exciting, learning-centric environment. We firmly believe children should be encouraged to maximize their potential and our educators are dedicated to their development. Learn more

Our core values

Learning-Fun Learning & Fun
Ensuring that your children are loved, as well as engaged and excited about learning through fun, stimulating educational activities.
Healthy-Meals Healthy Meals
Impacting your child’s growth as well as increasing their cognitive development and ability to learn through healthy nutrition.
Child-Growth Child Growth
Exploring experiences, activities, and environments that encourage the bustling wonderment and curiosity of your children.
Charming-Environment Charming Environment
Safe, nurturing learning environment helping to cultivate and develop relationships with other children while learning.

Smarty Programs

At this stage, children are learning to communicate, but not always through words.
Children understand the concept of feelings, practice taking turns, patience and other social skills.
Preparing children for school and enhancing their pre-reading, pre-math, language and social skills.
Children are beginning to master the letter and number concept and recognition.
Geared at ensuring a safe, productive, and fun environment during afterschool hours.
We provide a safe environment for physical exercise and fun games for a healthy lifestyle.

November 23, 2017

We are celebrating Thanksgiving!

Inspired Learning at an Early Age

Providing the little ones with a safe, fun, educational environment for an optimal learning experience. We believe the most important of child development happens in their earliest years.

Mold and Develop Futures
Community Engagement
Enduring Relationships
Continuing Education

Dedicated to the transformation of your children’s future.

Our happy parents


Yes! Parents are encouraged to check in and see how their child is doing. They’re likely to be excited about everything they have been able to learn!

Yes, of course, any prospective familiars are more than welcome to come tour Smart Generation Academy. Contact one of our professional team members to arrange a time that is convenient for you, as well as allowing us the time to provide you with a demonstration of the children engaged in learning activities.

All of our teachers are certified in CPR/FIRST AID, DCF 45-Hour child care, CDAE. Smart Generation Academy is additionally a member of FACCM. The majority of our education staff retain their Associates of Arts Degree, with our director having a professional educator’s certificate in Elementary education grades K-6.

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